Mechatronics for the Ages

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How will your generation prepare for the future where there are more elderly than caretakers?

In this studio, students will take a deep dive into understanding the daily life and hurdles of the aging population and how our society perceives and interacts with the elderly in our community. Students will interview and interact with residents at a local senior home to understand the practical and aspirational challenges of their day, and design assistive devices to help these clients improve their daily lives. 

Imagine how you can create a device for writing that may help a former playwright with Parkinson's disease control their hand tremors, or a gardener to water their plants. What does it mean to age and to grow old, and how can we use technology to improve this experience? Students will apply knowledge of human anatomy, mechatronic devices, electronics and product design to directly improve the lives of community members. 

Creative Learning Outcomes

  • Designing with Empathy
  • Focus on direct application to real-world conflicts
  • Understand the role of design agency
  • Conduct user-specific research

Technical Learning Goals

  • Rapid Prototyping & Fabrication Skills
  • 2D, 3D modeling in Rhino 
  • 3D printing and/or Laser cutting 
  • User Interaction & Experience