Rhino 2D Tutorial (For Laser Cutting)

Ryan Ferguson
Rhino 2D Tutorial - EDITED.3dm
Rhino - Intro.pdf

Attached is a Rhino file that helps with learning the basic commands for Rhino. 

You go through the exercise from left to right, top row to bottom row, completing the turquoise commands listed on the top of each row. Make sure you read what the command asks for you to do (i.e. for Trim it first asks for "cutting objects," and then "object to trim") and pay attention to the options for each command in order to get familiar with them.

The idea is to get the bottom of each row matching the top of each row. You use the black lines you are given, with the points for reference, and transform the given black lines to look like the above red lines according to the command listed. See attached images for more details. 

The exercise serves to give a basic intro to common Rhino commands, and to get good at using OSnap / SmartTrack for making properly aligned 2D drawings.

Optional Practice Exercise:

Once you've gone through all the commands, you can apply them in a step by step drawing. Follow the steps in the slide show to make a surprise animal in the cloud of numbered points in the template Rhino file. 

*Post all completed files in the "response" tab of this assignment.*

Installing Rhino

Andrew Todd Marcus

Installing Rhino

NuVu users Rhino5. The trial version will function fully for 90 days in trial mode.

Download Rhino

Enter your email in order to download the program.

You will receive an email with license information.

In Rhino, go to Preferences (or Options on a PC)

Select Licences

Copy and paste the information provided to you in the email

Click Done. You are good to go for 90 days!