Davis Howland
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GloFlo is designed for overtaxed people to manage stress and improve focus by encouraging them to take a moment to relax their minds. The soothing white light energizes the mind and helps the user focus. The lamp consists of lights on the end of eight arms that move up and down. The mechanism is controlled by the users hands in proximity of the sensors on the device. As you move your hands closer to the sensor the lights move up and if you move them farther away the lights move down. If you remove your hand from the sensor entirely the lights move back to their original state in the upwards position. An Arduino inside the base relays information from the ultrasonic distance sensor to the servo which moves a certain number of degrees depending on the distance measured from the sensor to the moving hand. The servo spools up string that attaches to each of the arms, which then pivot on the y-axis in unison. The lights, which are always powered on while the device is plugged in, are attached to the end of each arm. The meditative motions conducted by the user in combination with the soft white lights will serve asa helpful way to reach a calm and relaxed state of mind.

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Chiara Blissett: The Bio-Actuation Interactive Interface

The 'Bio-Actuation Interactive Interface' is a tangible re-imagination of urbanism for all to engage with, reshape, and burgeon the capacity of their engaged senses. Actuated by human presence, the installation responds to motion and physical interaction, unveiling how the body can construct the environment surrounding them, in contrast to physical boundaries restricting a person's movement and ability to engage with their surroundings.

Permanently fixed frameworks and outlined trajectories construct urban environments, through apparent, unambiguous forms and stationary walls. Humans are forced to adapt themselves to the predefined route in which physical barriers constitute, muffling the ability to be present and perceive the world through the full scope of our senses. In cities, masses of individuals cooperate to travel within pre-established trajectories of motion; the vessel, or city, is unresponsive to each existence. Individuals muted by the city's bustle inevitably seek a sense of presence, an amplification, and rejoicing in their uniqueness.

By nature, organic landscapes emanate from the entities inhabiting it and are reformed and reconstructed by mutual interactions, and around the needs of living organisms in its ecosystem. Organic landscapes also embody subjective decisions as microcosms in each natural ecosystem or macrocosm. In natural environments, the presence of each individual is amplified as each step leaves a unique impression, the space recognizing individual existence.

Curated to break down barriers between everyday objects and biology, the 'Bio-Actuation Interactive Interface' allows humans to 'communicate' with bacteria and watch the space around them morph. The bacteria showcased are genetically engineered to secrete color, the output of a chemical reaction, in this case, as a result of agitation. The interface enhances the user's state of mind as the color that is secreted is programmed for specific times of the day, evoking certain feelings, responses, and emotions, formulating a positive image for biotechnology.

International Young Researcher's Conference

This presentation is a work in progress and will be updated.

Vibes Lounge

Finn Mayeux
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We seek to create a venue that provides an experience for people no matter their hearing abilities. Vibes Lounge offers an experience of sound through tactile sensation and visual representation. Deaf and hard of hearing can often be left out of social gatherings, and this venue is a space where everyone can share a sound experience as a community.