0.1| Intro Activity: Language of Space

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In this exercise, we will explore photography as a narrative tool to communicate experiential qualities of the environment we inhabit.

Prompt: Create 3 photographic haiku. Each photographic haiku is a visual triptych that tells a story. Each triptych should be accompanied by its own written haiku.

Triptych 1: describes the qualities or phenomenon of the  environment that you currently occupy.

Triptych 2:  describes the quality of environment that you desire to occupy.

Instructions for Each Triptych : Capture 3 carefully composed photographs and arrange them together to tell your story. Consider that the arrangement of the photos is in of itself a design decision. Make the necessary adjustments / enhancements  to your images ( brightness, contrast, crop, orientation).  Write a Haiku (in text) to accompany each Triptych.

Post your 2 triptychs as a single post (2 separate images)  in the Response tab of this Assignment. Include the written haiku in the text portion of the post.