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Guiding Shield

Isabella LaCava
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Shattered Stained Glass

Lucy Gunther
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In Tune With Chris

Sina Ball
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A wearable origami tank top, for professional dancer Chris to feel "in tune" with the Earth while he dances for Heidi Latsky's company. 

When initially meeting with all of Heidi  Latsky's dancers in the piece called, On Display, we immediately noticed all the inspirational stories and backgrounds that every single dancer had. When meeting with our dancer, Chris, when asked if he had any superpower in the world what would it be? He responded with the weather. When he asked him why, he said because he wanted to be "in tune" with the Earth, and dancing makes him feel that way. This was the inspiration for our "vibration" vest. Chris said one of his favorite features was his chest, and he also really loves angular cutouts. Our group decided to make a tank top with cut outs, that included laser cut mesh pieces in every cutout. On the front in order for Chris to feel "in tune" with the Earth, we did an origami fold that expands and contracts as Chris dances. 

We made the undergarment and mesh piece out of latex like spandex material which we laser cut for clean lines. We then sewed those two pieces together to make it one. We made the origami out of thick cotton material and paper in order for it to keep its shape. We then attached each origami piece onto the front of the garment creating this beautiful piece. Chris will be wearing this In Tune Vest in New York for his sculpture garden performance with Heidi Latsky's company. 

The Brief

Sophie Kaplan
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Beat By Beat is a heart like device that tracks your heart rate, beats in time with the users heart rate, and changes color every two minutes. 

Scientists in the mental health field continually agree that the ability to change the heart rate appropriately in given scenarios will lower stress and lessen anxiety. The benefits of lower stress include improving how the immune system functions, preventing illnesses like the common cold and or physical complaints such as back aches, and increasing your energy levels. The easiest way to control your heart rate is meditation. That is where Beat By Beat comes into play. For someone with ADD or ADHD is may be difficult to sit still and focus on your heart rate. Having an external object to represent the heart beat will help the user focus better.

Beat By Beat will beat in time with users heart rate that is being tracked by the heart rate monitor the user is wearing. The heart will also change color every two minutes as a way to track how long you have been meditating. The heart is made out of milky white acrylic, pink and white 3D printed joint pieces, and bolts. The heart moves with a motor located inside the heart. The motor has a cam to make the heart move up and down. Also inside the heart is a LED strip to make the heart light up. Both the LED strip and the motor are controlled via an Arduino. The hope is that this product will help those who use it live more peaceful and stress free lives.